Accordingly, to our client’s needs, Hotel Terrazza Marconi recommends the following parking solutions:


This parking is situated at a comfortable walking distance of 300 meters, 4 minutes’ walk; the parking offers a total of 12 parking spaces for our clients. Our staff will kindly take care of your car, at your arrival we will bring the car to the parking spot allowing you to get settled into your rooms. Afterwards, if you wish we will give you your keys back and we will provide an additional key to lock and unlock the parking space gate.

The parking allotment does not have a closing time, please note that in this solution the client will be independent during their stay to take and bring back their vehicle as they wish.

We would like to specify that the parking is not guarded, and even though it is reserved for our clients, it is situated in a public space. Therefore, the Hotel is not held responsible upon objection.
This service is kindly offered by the Hotel.

This parking solution entails that the client will not use the vehicle during their stay. Our staff will bring your car to our covered parking, which is equipped with an alarm system, and will bring it back on your departure.

This service is kindly offered by the Hotel.

For our clients booking brief stays or for those who wish having their vehicle as close as possible to manage it independently: 

During winter, or during low season, it is possible to park freely on the blue lines close to the Hotel. We would like to specify that during low season the valet service will not be available.

During high season, from 1st of June to 15th of September, the blue lines will be up for payment, the daily fare is €8,00. To pay the fare it will be possible to use the fare totem or the dedicated app My Cicero or Mooney Go.

The white lines will be available all year round, free of charge. You can find them in Via Zara, adjacent to the Hotel and in the Giardini Morandi Parking, , Via Quintino Sella, 280 meters from the Hotel and at a 3 minutes walking distance.